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CBH CO-OP Announces Partnership with Keating Resources

CBH CO-OP is thrilled to unveil its collaboration with Keating Resources, a distinguished real estate enterprise rooted in six generations of family heritage, originating from agriculture in Lincoln, Nebraska. Spearheaded by Gerard Keating since 1996, the company has amassed an impressive portfolio exceeding $800 million in real estate investments, spanning agriculture, industrial, retail, office, mining, and rail terminals.

Presently, Keating Resources is spearheading two significant developments: Deer Mountain Village in Lead, South Dakota, a sprawling 700-acre residential community, and Spearfish Mountain Ranch, a prestigious 650-acre gated community in Whitewood, South Dakota.

In a strategic alliance, CBH CO-OP joins forces with Keating Resources to elevate the propane solutions for their projects. Leveraging CBH's steadfast dedication to excellence, we ensure a tailored, premium service tailored to the exacting standards of companies like Keating Resources.

If you're a property owner within a Keating Resources project, explore the attached owner proposal detailing buried propane tank solutions for your property. For further information, please reach out to Frank Robbins at (605) 490-2910.