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Claim Your Check

We need you to claim your check!

If you are receiving an Equity Retirement check, you have been mailed a postcard requesting action to the address that we have on file. CBH CO-OP requires proof of account ownership in the form of a valid photo ID. If you are claiming a check for an estate account, you will need to provide a death certificate and the appropriate document showing estate executorship in addition to photo ID. Please verify your address at this time, as checks will be mailed. As noted on the postcard, please email the required document/s and address verification to Charlee at cpuchner@cbhcoop.com 

Questions You May Have:

The check states "void after 90 days." What if it's after those 90 days?
The check is still valid, and most banks won't mind. If you have an issue with your check, please feel free to reach out to our accounting department at 605-720-2946.

What if I need help emailing my documents?
You are welcome to bring your forms/ID in and we will happily scan things to Charlee over our secure network.

What is the amount of my check?
If you ask Charlee in the email when sending the required document/s and address verification, she will be able to get that looked up for you.